Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wednesday and Thursday

Wednesday was a much better day food-wise. I didn't think that I liked pita pockets but my husband made me one for breakfast the day before and I found that I love them-they just need to be toasted. So, we had scrambled eggs with cheese in pita for breakfast, our designated snacks and we both LOVED the chicken pita for lunch. I made both a bit different. My husband eats more veggies than I. I had in mine, hummus, chicken, artichoke hearts chopped fine like a relish with grilled peppers, lemon and pepper and grated cheese. DE-Lish. Dinner was left overs. My husband ate his but I had a heavy load of personal stuff to do (birthday party stuff for the boy) and then work stuff. I ate a few "chips" made from the Ezequiel tortillas and humus. I had no hunger pangs at all. I wasn't trying to avoid dinner-I just hate left-overs and I was working on my feet till 9:30.
Today, Wednesday, is the boy's 8th birthday! We are almost out of food and I have not had a minute to go to the store for the next series of meals. The husband made scrambled eggs in pita (we are all still loving them!) and I was able to scrounge up the rest of the snacks for the day but I had to improvise lunch for my husband. I made sauteed zucchini pasta ( zucchini cut in small strings like pasta) with olive oil, cherry tomatoes, garlic, shrimp and chopped olives and artichoke hearts. I hope he likes it. Tonight we will be in Conroe at the boys birthday at a pizza place. We have both decided to have salads. I was able make and take cupcakes to the boys school without eating one or evening licking a bowl. This is major hard for me because I LOVE sweets. Come on free days!
I have been weighing and have seen a drop. I have only weighed once.
We ordered a medical scale last night.
When we return from San Antonio, we will shop better for the foods, chop a lot in advance and be better prepared for week 2.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

New Day

Wow! I was really tired last night. I had a bit of a headache that followed me into the night. I eventually took some Advil and now I am better. I am on a fresh page today and I hope all goes well.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

At the end

My rope that is....
I am TIRED. I picked up the boy at school at 4:00 and it is now 15 minutes until 9:00. I have been on my feet the entire time. Not to mention the regular work day. I have been chopping, cooking or cleaning up kitchen mess that entire time minus our dinner together. I know next round I will have a better understanding of what needs to be done. If I knew then... I would have bought even more produce and I would have chopped my heart out on Sunday. I spent a bit of time prepping dinner for tonight and the cooking it. After we ate (together and slowly and then had our wonderful man of the house open his birthday presents) I then cleaned (with help) and started all over again on our two lunches. Wha Wha Wha
Enough pity party
Today's food was not my favorite. I was leery of the peanut butter and did not put enough on the toast. They boy is enjoying both or at least one of us sitting down to have breakfast in the am. He did confess that he ate breakfast again at school (biscuit, yogurt and chocolate milk). He tried celery and peanut butter at lunch with his sandwich and didn't care for it. I added a boiled egg to my salad (I was craving it). I forgot my dressing and tried to do a lemon and olive oil dressing but I just lost the love for the salad (I just started eating lettuce this year. Before that I NEVER ate lettuce) three meals in two days have been salad so I was done. I ate enough to be satisfied and then later had to throw it up (gastroplasty). It was just not going to stay down. I probably rushed while eating.
I have a headache, I am exhausted and am irritable. Must go have some mindless TV time.
Am also overwhelmed with things to do outside of work this week. Tomorrow-cupcakes for the boys' class, wrap presents for the boys' surprise party, load in car, make Halloween treats for office staff, finalize all laundry for trips and pack for the boy. Thursday, rendezvous for the boys party in Conroe and then leave boy with grandparents. Go home and pack. Friday, leave for San Antonio for wedding/husbands "relaxation" trip. We have not talked about how to handle food. I think we can travel without going wild but I am unsure how we will do the plan as outlined in the book. Ideas?
The husband has asked that I report that today he was served key lime pie (his favorite) and brought a birthday cake and he had none of either. He is SO proud of himself and so am I.

Monday, October 26, 2009


Well, today started off well. I was able to eat the scrambled eggs without getting ill. I sometimes have a hard time with that. I think I have too much stomach acid in the morning. I do better with crunchy carbs. Anywhoo, off to work I went. I was very hungry for my snack and took a l o n g time to eat my lunch. I was able to eat 3/4 of the chicken which is MAJOR and almost all the lettuce-of course keeping it all down is key and I did. I then went into the meeting and filled my plate so as not to get harassed by the person in charge of food. I threw away the sandwiched when she turned her back and managed to eat only water and almonds. But, I could NOT resist the sugar cookie. I was only going to eat half but before I knew it, it was almost gone. Let me find reason to celebrate. I did not take home a plate of cookies like others and I did only have one. I am going to enjoy my snack before dinner and then enjoy our first sit down dinner in a while. Since almost everything is prepared-easy!!
Night is challenging because my sweetie and I typically graze in the bedroom while watching TV after the boy is in bed. I have plenty of projects to address and of course I could use some sleep!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Saturday and Sunday

Saturday-We all three went to see our doctor and nutritionist on Saturday. We attended at 3 hour session for the grown ups and then a 30 minute for the boy. As with all things we want it to "work" so badly-it is not discipline that stands in our way-it is not desire-it is the long term.
We spent the day in Kemah and enjoyed hanging out as a family.

Sunday- I went to whole foods and purchased the Ezekiel bread, pita pockets and tortillas and the headed over to Randalls for our regular stuff. I was able to find everything easily. I spent about 140 on groceries-pretty typical for us. I then spent about 2 hours getting the protein cooked and gathering the ingredients for our breakfast, lunch and dinner. I felt a but frustrated at spending the time on food when I could be doing other things but now, in the evening, I am glad. "Failing to plan is planning to fail". I know tomorrow will go well because I have laid everything out. I have decided not to continue my work outs with the fit club (a three day a week sweat fest with a trainer) but I will go to the gym and do the tread mill. As with all things, we can only mentally focus on so many things at one time and I feel good about editing a bit so I can carve out time for other things.

File under unbelievable-the boy and I started to talk about what I needed to make for his lunch and things got tense-a few tears started (his) and I said "we are not ready to talk about this-go away and I will call you in a bit". He and I ended up running a few errands and I shared with him that I had thought about it and we would compromise-he can choose to have a veggie a lunch or dinner-his choice. AND I told him he can choose between two veggies each time. This is such a stumbling block for both of us! We went to the binder made just for him (so smart!) and I read over the veggies he could choose from. He CHOSE a SALAD for LUNCH. I would not have believed this had I not seen it with my own eyes. That boy has NEVER eaten a salad in his life. He even suggested that I have a teacher sign off that he ate it and didn't throw it away. We made a Cobb salad variation. Lettuce, avocado, salsa, boiled egg and ham with sun dried tomato vinaigrette. When he finished making this big salad and then understood he got to have that AND a sandwich his overeating little heart almost burst. He said some kids were going to make fun of his salad but he said he was going to tell them "you obviously have not read about healthy eating" -hilarious! He then asked to read over the notebook again and hear all of the ideas. He asked if we could make the "ants on a log" (celery with pb and raisins) tomorrow-this was what had him crying just hours earlier! Kids are so resilient. We celebrated at the end that we got through it with no tears and his Dad and I both told him how proud we are of him.

So... concerns. Tomorrow we have a big meeting and I KNOW there will be sugar cookies and I LOVE sugar cookies. What's a girl to do??! I plan to take a baggie and take some home for a "free day" in 2 weeks. I am concerned about my wonderful hubband-he has "offsite" meetings and I am sure there will be lots of tempting food for him. I am worried about whether he can get away from work and meet us for dinner at the dinner table with no TV. I hope he can-I wish we did this already.

This is us, Sunday night.

Is this the beginning, middle or end?

A little background-and I DO mean little!
There are three of us; me, the husband and the boy.
The two adults have been over weight our entire lives.
We have both had gastroplasty and lost weight-but not all we needed to.
We have tried every diet and fad under the sun.
We have had trainers and gyms and all manner of things.
We are on a new journey.
Follow along.